Skin Stretcher

Despite many developments and improvements in burn wound treatment, burn scars frequently result in  a poor functional and cosmetic outcome for the patients. Although many reconstructive techniques have been described to improve burn scars, scar excision followed by direct wound closure can offer  a favourable outcome, as  it results in a smaller scar. Closing a large skin defect after burn scar excision can be difficult and therefore large burn scar excision is often performed in a multiple-step procedure (serial excision). The Humeca skin stretcher was developed to excise larger burn scars in a one-step procedure. This instrument was developed in close cooperation with surgeons from the Red Cross Hospital, Beverwijk, The Netherlands.

This product is not FDA registered, so is currently not available in the USA!


The video below shows a case of skin stretching to reduce the surface of a burn scar on the forearm of a male patient at the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk, The Netherlands.

Skin Stretcher Features

  • Efficient scar area reduction in a one-step procedure
  • Primary closure of a large skin defect without excessive tension on the wound edges
  • Easy adjustment and reading of stretch force
  • Re-usable device with disposable needles
  • Design based on multicenter clinical trial in three Dutch Burn Centres

Surgical procedure

The pictures left aside show how the Humeca skin stretcher is applied in a case of a disfiguring burn scar on the forearm.

Click on the picture to see the whole picture.

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