Dear sir, madam,

ENSCHEDE, March 19th 2014  – We are pleased to inform you about the successful change of ownership of Humeca BV to
mr. Arnoud van Velzen and the investment company Holland Venture. Mr. Wim Buursen en Mr. Theo Klijn decided to sell Humeca due to their age.

Change of ownership
Since February 18th, Humeca BV has two owners: mr. Arnoud van Velzen (50) and the investment company Holland Venture.  Mr. Arnoud van Velzen has been active in the medical business since 1985. He has a lot of experience, both national and international, in the field of product development and especially in the field of international sales of medical products. Mr. Arnoud van  Velzen was previously surgical assistant and is well-experienced in orthopaedics and surgery.

Holland Venture is one of the first independent investment companies in The Netherlands. Since the start in 1981, Holland Venture successfully realized more than 120 investments in different branches; the last few years particularly in medical business. Mr. Arnoud van Velzen, as the new managing director of Humeca, is content about Humeca and the position of the company in the segment of products for burn surgery. “I am convinced that the change of ownership is very beneficial for the expansion of Humeca. We concentrate on further innovations, exploration of new markets and further consolidation of our position in current markets”.

Mr. Arnoud van Velzen, in his role as general Manager of Humeca, is supported by the current staff. Former managers, Mr. Wim Buursen and Mr. Theo Klijn, will be active in Humeca as advisers within the next period for knowledge transfer. In the person of mr. Arnoud van Velzen they see the right person to lead the ongoing strong expansion and professionalizing of Humeca.

Humeca was founded in 1981. The group focused on product development in the field of biomedical engineering and polymer technology. In 1993 a modified MEEK technique was introduced after a period of cooperation with surgeons of the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk, The Netherlands. Activities were concentrated on production, development and sales.

Later on Humeca developed other skin grafting products, like electric and handheld dermatomes, a range of dermatome blades, meshers and mesh graft carriers. Humeca is a constant player in the field of burn care and plastic surgery. The products are sold in 66 countries, through 47 specialized distributors all over the world. Also during the economic crises Humeca realized turnover growth. We thank you for your contribution, because you also made us achieve that!

We have faith in the future and we are looking forward to a pleasant and ongoing cooperation with you.

Do you have any questions? Please contact mr. Arnoud van Velzen.

With kind regards,

Humeca BV