About our team

The Humeca team, based in the Netherlands and the US, consists of experts in research and development, production, sales, marketing and operation. The variety of team members enables us to do what is needed to develop and market innovative products particular in the field of burn surgery. We feel involved in burns patients and that encourages us every day to get the best out of ourselves. In this way we hope to make a difference in the treatment of burns. Our team actively cooperates with experts in the field. Because we believe intensive communication with these experts is an important breeding ground for continuous improvement of our products.

Our valuable team members

As the Managing Director of Humeca B.V. and Humeca, Inc. I am proud of guiding the team we have here but more than that, I am proud to be able to offer our products to the patients who need them the most.

Working in an International environment inspires me a lot. Being active now in more than 70 countries, allows me to experience many differnt cultures and lifestyles.

Cooking is my hobby and I get most of my inspiration from the the places I am lucky enough to visit.

As Chief Operating Officer I am, together with Arnoud, end responsible for Humeca’s daily operation. I am proud to be part of such a great company who has the ambition to help every burn victim worldwide.
Working in a such an environment that really cares about peoples life inspires me a lot.

I am married and have two daughters. In my spare time I like to sail, coach my daughter in field hockey, to play with our dog or read for my study. To keep fit I like to box.

As a Marketing Sales Manager I am responsible for all marketing and sales matters within Humeca.
Besides having business meetings with our worldwide customers my main activities are doing presentations & workshops, assisting during surgeries and attending at international burn congresses.

I am glad to be part of the dedicated Humeca team as together we help 3rd degree burn patients by developing unique and life saving surgical techniques.
During these international meetings I get really enthusiastic when my customers experience these benefits for these patients too.
In this way and sharing experiences I am privileged and proud to bring burn treatment to even a higher level.

When I am at home I am enjoying the quality time with my family.
My other passions are playing tennis, running (sometimes a half marathon) and drinking a nice glass of good wine with my friends.

Working for Humeca provides me energy by the small dynamic team that works together on products to help people worldwide. In my function I’m responsible for improving the current products and developing new products. With my technical knowledge, both theoretical and practical, I hope to contribute to the health of the burn patients worldwide. With the Humeca products we can make the difference for burn patients; they could survive because of the Humeca products and this is a very special work motivation.
I’m married to Astrid and we have 2 boys. We live on the countryside of a small village. My biggest hobby is cycling on competition level; both on the road and cyclocross. Watching cycling is also one of my interests. I like it to be outside; around the house, on my bike, with my wife and sons, with our dog………. I like my life.
My name is Fenike Tempelman. Before I started to work at Humeca as medical advisor, I worked as a burns physician at the Burn Centre in the Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk for more than 15 years. I have worked with Humeca products ever since I started there. With the knowledge I gained during those years, I want to help my co-workers and (future) users of the Humeca products.
When you start using our products, I may be the one who trains you and your team. And afterwards, I will do my best to answer any questions or solve problems that you encounter while working with our products. Our team is always thinking of new possibilities to improve burn treatment. I will do my best to contribute in this process.
At Humeca, we are confident that together with the burn care specialists, we can improve the treatment of burn patients either in the acute phase or in the reconstructive phase. I am looking forward to meeting you in person and talk about our common passion, treating burn patients.
I’m Linda Wolters and I worked at Humeca in the production, order processing and shipping. My work at the company are very varied and I like to work at Humeca. We have a great team with colleagues

Started more than 22 years ago with three days a week and at the moment I work four days. That’s fine to organize with my family. Our family consists of my husband and our two daughters. We love to do fun things together as a family.

Humeca delivers technically interesting products for patients in desperate need of treatment. My creativity and eye for quality can contribute to the development of new products and solving technical issues to help these patients.

I am married and have two daughters. My husband and I like to be outdoors and take our daughters cycling and camping to enjoy nature. I also like to design and create things, such as furniture and toys.

My name is Wendy van Benthem and I’m 41 years old. I’m married to Marco and have 4 kids aged 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Since October 2015 I’m the financial officer of Humeca BV.

The reason I applied at Humeca is written in the sentence I started my application letter with: “Before I say anything else, I would like to speak out my admiration about the beautiful product you’re making. While I was reading the article in Borne Boeit, all these situations in which you can help, out came to my mind. Special!”

I’m proud to participate in an organization who makes products that can really make a difference in someone’s life.

I joined the Humeca team on the 5-1-1995 , and I still love my job. Over the years I watched Humeca grow and I’m proud to still be part of it now. The micrograft gauzes,blades and carriers are the responsability of the production team which I am part of. My collegues and I also take care of the shipping and administration of the disposables.

I have a husband whom I married in 1993 and together we have a son and a daughter. In my spare time I love to read and I play a musical instrument.

The fact that the products of Humeca are making the difference for people with severe burns, motivates me to do my job with full dedication. Thats why I’m looking forward to put my time, knowledge and technical experience available to the Humeca team in order to achieve and maintain the high level of service and quality of the Humeca product line. In my function I’m, among other things, responsible for the assembly and maintenance of the Humeca products.

In my spare time I love spending time with my wife and five children. A firm walk in nature is definitely favorite. Furthermore, I read a lot and I like to recondition furniture. If there is time left I like mountain biking in the woods.

What I love about Humeca is the fact that the company differentiates itselfs from other firms. In our Industry by doing all Production in-house. The one thing which motivates me most about working at Humeca is that I believe I can truly add value to the lives of patients who are recovering from burns.

In my daily work I am responsible for both and facility management. As a result of these responsibilities I am actively contributing to the production of world class production for our patients while simultaneously securing a clean and sterile working environment. I enjoy a great deal of variety in my day-to- day activities ensuring I never have a dull day at work!

I am a caring and loving mother of two beautiful children. Both have moved out of their elderly home already which is a pity, especially for themselves, given the fact they are not able anymore to enjoy my cooking on a daily basis.
Cooking is my real big passion, especially because it allows me to bring joy to my close friends an family when they are enjoying one of the meals I prepared for them with love.

I am a very caring, joyful, creative and social person who will go the extra mile to get things done! I love taking on new and exciting challenges to learn and develop myself further. No matter what, people can count on me!                                      

Regulatory affairs focus on continuously controlling and safeguarding product efficacy and end-users their health by adhering to national and international laws, rules and guidelines. Each country has a different view on how this should be achieved and the national laws, rules and guidelines are prone to change. Together with our partners we aim to register our products in a smooth and structural manner while concomitantly adhering to regulations in your country.

Having a background in biomedical engineering and life sciences I thoroughly enjoy how technological know-how from my background intertwines with regulatory affairs and how this enables me to tackle many hurdles that may come onto our path. I am genuinely happy I got to join the Humeca team and be a part of our mission to improve burn victims their quality of life by making our wonderful products available across the globe.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my family and friends. Additionally, one of my hobbies is playing acoustic guitar and listening to music. Recently I’ve also been pulled into the world of photography and I’ve really come to appreciate the value of photographs which have been shot. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I’m Cindy Romczyk and work as Inside Sales at Humeca. It is my job to make sure that every order will be handled and shipped with the utmost care and attention. Humeca is a great company to work for. I am fortunate to have nice colleagues and Humeca has great products which give a lot of burn victims a new chance at better life.

In my private life I live together with my partner and our dog. My partner has two great sons who stay over every 2 weeks!

In my function I am responsible for all activities related to quality assurance. I love to work on constantly improving the quality of the organization and want to make sure our products meet a high quality standard. I am glad to be part of the dynamic and dedicated team of Humeca.

I am married and have one son. We love to take a walk or bike ride in nature. The optimal vacation consists of camping in the mountains with some firm walks.

My name is Eline Blauw and I am honored to be as inside sales employee a part of the Humeca team. Before I start to work at Humeca I was graduated as a bachelor of social work by working in a hospital. The medical world always inspires me.
It is very motivating to work at a company who delivers products to give treatment to patients with severe burn wounds. It is because of the difference Humeca makes with the products they have, what makes it interesting for me to work here.

In my spare time I love to spend time with friends and family, go out, do some sport exercises, always want to learn new things and I love to dance through life.

Our valuable team members USA

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