MEEK – Technique requires half donor site area compared to meshing

A publication in Burns by R. Peeters and A. Hubens

In their publication in Burns, 14 (3), 239-240 (1988), R. Peeters and A. Hubens of the Antwerp Stuivenberg Hospital, Belgium, prove that the actual expansion ratio of a meshgraft is much less than the given one. They compared the expanded graft surface area to the surface of the graft taken from the patient. Based on their findings we calculated how much graft is needed to cover a 100 cm2 burn wound in case of meshing and in case of MEEK. See the results. The vertical axis presents the required graft surface and the horizontal axis the true expansion ratio.


The MEEK technique (expansions 3, 4, 6 and 9) requires about half donor site area compared to meshing!

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