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New unique company in Borne: Humeca BV


Treatment of full-thickness burns mainly consists of the transplantation of the body’s non-burnt skin. Victims whose skin is burned over 50 percent, are therefore basically doomed. Worldwide there is still only one possible remedy: increasing the surface of healthy skin through Humeca’s invention the MEEK-technology.

Monique Broer, operations manager, explains the process after a piece of skin has decreased. “A piece of skin measuring 4 x 4 cm and applied to a unique “folded” surface, is cut into a gauze with a diamond pattern. The gauze is pulled out by firm traction on all four sides, until the pleats become completely unfolded. Finally the backing is peeled off, to leave the expanded gauze with the separated adherent autograft islands ready for transplantation. The distance between the islands is just enough to grow together within three weeks. These three weeks are crucial in relation to infection risks. Time is the worst enemy in these situations”.

Only company in the world

Humeca is the only company in the world which manufactures the MEEK-machine, which enables an expansion ratio of the skin up to 1:9. The carriers are produced in-house. The corresponding machines are assembled. The technique was developed in collaboration with the burn center in Beverwijk. Humeca’s products are sold worldwide in more than 66 countries via 47 specialized distributors.

Overtime during disasters

At major disasters such as the recent fire at a party at a waterpark in Taiwan, where certainly 183 people were seriously injured, the employees working overtime in order to get the products as soon as possible on the destination. There are also hand-driven machines, especially for situations where no power is available. Especially needed in the field of tropical surgery. “Burn wounds are typically a ‘poor man’s disease’”, says Monique. “It has everything to do with poor living and working conditions in third world countries, which causes serious accidents more frequent”.

Explosive growth

Humeca was found in 1981 and is currently based in Enschede. After the acquisition of Humeca by Holland Venture en Arnoud van Velzen in the beginning of 2014, the company grew explosively from five to fifteen employees. “We have outgrown our housing facility. In our search for a new property we also looked at the possibility to realize a clean room for production. We also sought a location with a representative and distinctive look because this appearance fits our products that distinguish us. Doctors from around the world are trained within Humeca. Therefore the building had to be easily accessible from the highway. Our new property at Oostermaat 5 meets all criteria. In addition to the move to Borne, Humeca is also opening a second office in the United States. The market is changing rapidly”, says Monique Broer.