Cost-Effective Device

Specifically designed for effective surgery in developing countries.

Very suitable for the use in outdoor clinics and third world countries.

SOBER Dermatome and Blades

In co-operation with the Dutch surgeon Dr. Willem Nugteren, Humeca developed a dermatome for freehanded harvesting of a 30 mm (1¼ in.) wide split skin graft with a pre-determined thickness of about 0.25 mm (0.001 in.). This one-of-a-kind product is called the Sober dermatome. The shape of the Sober dermatome was derived from a safety razor. Humeca supplies special low-cost blades that are to be used with this dermatome.

SOBER Dermatome video

SOBER Dermatome Features

  • Robust construction
  • Wide availability of blades
  • No lateral movements are required
  • Low cost
  • Sustainable
  • Simple yet effective in use
  • Minimal maintenance

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