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Invitation for ABA Meeting Boston (21-23 March)

Humeca, Inc. is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the forthcoming 49th [...]


Humeca is the leading company for products in the field of skin transplantation techniques.

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We are continuously working on innovative products in the field of skin transplantation.

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We believe that anyone should be treated by our revolutionary products. That’s why we are a worldwide supplier.

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Take a look at our corporate video. A good way to get to know us better.

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For the design and development, manufacturing, service and distribution of medical devices…

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 Innovative products in the field of burn surgery

Humeca is a company that develops and markets innovative products particular in the field of burn surgery. It is the one stop shop for burn doctors. With our revolutionary products we provide medical experts with materials and equipment for optimum treatment of their patients and offer them the highest level of support and service. We believe intensive communication with experts in the field is an important breeding ground for continuous improvement of our products. Our products go further than the current standards.

Revolutionary MEEK technique: for major and minor skin transplantations

Our unique MEEK technique is reported to be superior to other grafting methods. The clinical results are excellent, even in problematic zones and in case of qualitatively inferior wound beds.

Unique MEEK features

Very small donor sites required;

Large expansion ratios, up to 1:9, possible;

Any small skin fragments can be used;

Fast and uniform epithelialization due to close graft islands;

Excellent graft take due to correctly orientated graft islands;

Failure of a few islands does not affect overall graft take;

Cosmetic results comparable with mesh grafts of a lower expansion;

Vinkje Grafts very easy to manipulate.

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A magical method that helps saving lives.

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Wonderfully easy and accurate.

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Great value combined with good compatibility.

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So simple, so economical, so efficient.

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For effective expansion and perfect perforation.

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Effective wound closure in an one step procedure.

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