Electric dermatomes

Wonderfully easy and accurate


Humeca designed two cordless, battery operated dermatomes, a small one, the D42 and a bigger one, the D80.

  • Extremely small head of D42 allows precision cutting, especially in problematic zones and pediatric surgery.
  • Cordless, battery operated and lightweight design offers optimum manoeuvrability and mobility.
  • Precise thickness of the graft from 0.0 to 1.2 mm (0.000 – 0.048”) in 0.1 mm (0.008”) increments.
  • Graft width of 42 mm (1.65") assures optimum performance in combination with the MEEK tech­nique.
  • The use of width-reducing clamps on the dermatome head allow cutting of smaller graft widths.
  • Battery and motor of the instrument are not sterilized, thus guaranteeing optimum durability.
  • Thickness adjustment can be fixed to prevent accidental change of graft thickness during cutting.
  • Safe and quick blade replacement.
  • Powerful Li-Ion batteries with no memory effect allow long time cutting without intermediate charging.

The D42 is the result of an attempt to design a small and lightweight battery operated dermatome. The head of the dermatome is 64 mm (2.52")only and it cuts a graft width of max. 42 mm (1.65"), which can be reduced to 36 and 30 mm (1.41 and 1.18") by means of width reducing clamps (other cutting widths are optional). Through the use of lightweight materials, the total weight was limited to 985 grams (35 oz) only, which is quite exceptional for a battery-operated dermatome.
This very manoeuvrable instrument is an excellent tool in pediatric and general plastic surgery, especially for primary excision and harvesting grafts from curved surfaces. The cordless design assures optimum mobility. Besides it facilitates to harvest the 42x42 mm (1.65x1.65") grafts required for Humeca’s MEEK technique.
The small diameter grip of this dermatome holds a rechargeable 7.4 Volts Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh for approx. 45 minutes non-stop cutting.

The larger D80 dermatome was developed for more general use. It cuts a width of max. 80 mm (3.15"), which can be reduced to 65, 50 and 35 mm (2.56, 1.97 and 1.38") by means of width reducing clamps. The D80 dermatome has a wider head (104 mm / 4.09") and the larger grip holds a very powerful 2400 mAh Li-Ion battery for more than 75 minutes non-stop cutting! (These are averages, as the actual cutting time obviously depends on graft thickness, type of tissue to be cut and the general condition of the battery).

If desired, the D42 dermatome can be supplied with larger grip and powerful battery too, but standard version is with 1200 mAh battery, which capacity is considered to be more than enough for such a small dermatome.  
The blades of the dermatomes are precision grinded in a double facet shape for minimum resistance and uniform graft thickness. The blade moves at a maximum speed of over 7000 strokes per minute (unloaded). This assures smooth cutting operation and enables also very thin grafting.
Graft thickness varies from 0.0-1.2 mm (0.000–0.048") and is adjusted by means of an adjusting lever with readings on a thickness scale (in mm and inches). The lever is fixed at positions corresponding with thickness increments of approx. 0.1 mm (0.008"). Fixation of the lever prevents accidental change of graft thickness during cutting.
The battery and motor cartridges are not sterilized. To prevent accidental sterilization of these cartridges, a special autoclave case was developed that can only contain the dermatome when the cartridges are removed. Before use, the non-sterile cartridges are connected to each other and put into the power shaft of the dermatome by means of a sterile clamp and a sterile funnel to avoid bacterial contamination of the outside surface of the instrument.
The batteries are fully charged in 2-3 hours. They are protected against short-circuiting, over-charge, over-discharge and overheating by means of a protection circuit board.

Below you can watch a film about Humeca electric dermatomes: